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Who we are?

We are a team of passionate who created a place for companies from all over the world to exchange trade information between them, despite language barriers.

YoYs is B2B platform based in 49 countries which allows you to spread information about your company, products and services in 36 different languages from one back office.

With our solution its easy for your customers to find your business and products in their country and language.

YoYs available in 49 countries

YoYs features

Content Management

Manage your company presence, products, services and more in 49 countries from one back office.

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Global Database

Our Database contains approx. 50.000.000 companies mainly from United States, Europe and Asia

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Translation System

You can translate your content up to 36 languages with help of Computer Assisted Translator or by yourself.

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Multilingual Search

Our system allow forgein language speakers easily find your business in 36 languages.

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Product Catalogue

Show your products to the world. With our AI powered system you can easily add products from your website.

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Global SEO

Spread information about your company and products in to 40 national services to rank higher in Google for people abroad.

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Content Management

Multilingual Support

Global SEO


Always above,
all around the globe
  • Premium Business Card
  • Company's advertising in 50 countries
  • Global SEO
  • High international visibility
  • Always above free results in 50 countries
  • Business card available in multilanguage
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited pricelists
  • Unlimited job offers
99 EUR / Month 39 EUR / Month
Be the number one
in your country
  • Premium Business Card
  • Company's advertising in your country
  • National SEO
  • High national visibility
  • Always above free national results
  • Business card available in multilanguage
  • Up to 100 products
  • Up to 100 pricelists
  • Up to 100 job offers
29 EUR / Year
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  • Basic Business Card
  • Up to 3 products





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